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Through our databases you can access a huge digital library of academic journals, e-books, primary sources, magazines, international news media and articles. All is free of charge.

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Remote access is available to registered members of Slagelse Library with a Personal Identification Number (PIN code) and requires home address in Slagelse Municipality.

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Online access to more than 70, 000 books in scientific fields such as economics, the humanities, natural science, history and social science.

eReolen Global is a digital service with a huge collection of more than 5000 e-books and online audio books in English. To find eReolen Global – search for the app ‘Libby’.

Movies, music and books in more than 10 different languages. 

Magazines and newspapers

Press Reader offers online high quality newspapers and magazines from 100 different countries in 60 languages.

Get unlimited access to more than 350 International high-quality e-magazines.

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